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We view each order as a unique puzzle

Michael Mladen Kljaic and the team at MKM Group view every project which will have various challenges, however having the best team in place ensures that you can take on those challenges and achieve the desired results for your client. MKM Group has a dedicated team that can handle your development, civil, commercial, residential or community project. Michael Mladen Kljaic and the management team has over 50 years combined experience in the property industry and knows what challenges are ahead and have implemented teams that are trained to be able to take on these unique puzzles and rotate them until the perfect result is achieved. Whilst many builders go bankrupt or go into receivership, MKM Group and the Construction team has been able to evolve and focus on improving their image, Michael Mladen Kljaic ensures that the company and team stays focused.

Solutions that you need

When it comes to property the best solution is to find one company that can handle the project from the beginning to the end. MKM Group has a management team, design team, civil works team and construction team all which operate as part of one group with one focus goal, to achieve results for clients. MKM Group is your ultimate choice when it comes to the best construction team.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated Team
    One place that handles all your property projects with a dedicated management team.
  • Save Money
    MKM Group saves you money by dealing with one company from the start to the end.
  • Stress Free
    An experinced team that controls all apects of the projects means less stress for you.

Our Services

MKM Group is a family operated Construction Company with Michael Mladen Kljaic as the managing director is committed to the highest professional standards of workmanship, quality and care within the construction industry in Australia. Whilst many builders leave tradesman unpaid MKM Group has a strict management team that understand that the tradesmen are the ones that will turn the project into a success or failure, therefore ensuring they are looked after.


"We have built several homes over the years but this is the first time the experience has been completely pleasurable..."

Barbara. N - Bim Bam Byron Bay

"We came away feeling extremely confident that the end result would be sensational and our search for a builder was over..."

Sheryle. P - Ephraim Spa

"The majority of the Thiel’s Construction work is carried out by MKM Constructions…"